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Time Capsule – 2035

HEY KIDS! Here’s some ideas to get you started

  1. Think about all the changes you’ve seen since you were born. Write them down and you’ll be surprised at how many there have been.
  2. Talk to older people you know about the changes they’ve seen in their lifetimes. Some grandparents can even remember life without electricity and phones. And of course, no computers either!
  3. What are the chances things will change in your future, in the areas of:
    • Technology
    • Fashion
    • Space travel
    • Careers
    • Sports
    • Environment
    • Entertainment
    • Families
    • Transportation
    • Schools
    • Other?
  4. Choose one or several of these topics to focus on. Imagine what kinds of changes you might experience in the next 20 years. Be true to your feelings and think about your hopes and your dreams for the future.
  5. Close your eyes and put yourself into the year 2035. How old will you be? What will you be doing? Where will you be living? Who will you be with? What will your life be like?
  6. Allow your imagination to go wild and create the world as you envision it in the year 2035. What are the most exciting changes you will see by then?  Are there things you won’t enjoy about this new world?
  7.  Now write down what you see and submit your predictions for the future, to be included in an exciting new book called, Time Capsules - 2035.

Pat Skene
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