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  • “The dazzling illustrations and uplifting verse will inspire all hearts with the healing power of laughter.”

    - Deepak Chopra
    The Whoosh of Gadoosh

  • “I highly encourage every parent to rush out and add Revenge of the Mad Hacker to their reading list.”

    - Samantha Wilson, KidProof Canada

  • “Pat Skene’s voice is one that should be heard around the world.”

    - John Thompson, Illumination Arts
    A Tale of Two Biddys, The Whoosh of Gadoosh

  • “I cannot emphasize how important exposure to rhyme through storybook is to young readers.”

    - Laura Justice Ph.D.,
    McGuffey Reading Center, U of Virginia

  • “Read Gadoosh and learn from it.”

    - Dr. Bernie Siegel
    The Whoosh of Gadoosh