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Top 10 Reasons to be Back at School

Hey kids! I know you are all very excited to be back in a new school year.
Here are some great reasons to celebrate!

1. You get to give your bathing suit a chance to dry out.

2. You get to brag about your summer.

3. You get to size up your new teacher.

4. You get to laugh at lunchtime, until milk runs out of your nose.

5. You get to use new workbooks and unchewed pencils.

6. You get to smell a clean locker.

7. You get to go to bed early. Oops! Maybe you don't like that one.

8. You get to move up one grade with the older kids.

9. You don't get to say, "I'm bored," anymore.

10. You get to make your parents very happy.

Have you got any more reasons you'd like to tell me about? Send me your comments, I'd love to hear from you.

Pat Skene

– See you between the lines.