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Rhyme Stones

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A celebration of everyday heroes!

In the opening poem of Rhyme Stones, Cecil is scared of the dark, but his dog is trapped in a cave. In the second story poem, Ernestine can hardly be a witch if she can’t fly on a broom. And then there’s the schoolyard bully Polly Palooka and another kid with “trouble spots” and more.

Each long poem is followed by an exclusive interview with the main character. And each short poem has a “trailer” of cool facts about the theme. 

Click the Extras tab below to read some cool facts.

Ages 7-10
Graham Ross
Publication Date: 
October 2007
5.5 X 7.5 inches
64 Pages

“The poems…are enjoyable and flow nicely when read aloud. ”

- Resource Links – Feb 2008

“I cannot emphasize how important exposure to rhyme through storybooks is to young children’s development. Ms. Skene’s The Whoosh of Gadoosh and Rhyme Stones – are exemplary works for encouraging children’s early awareness of rhyme and other aspects of phonology. I think they will make an important addition to the bookshelf of any home, school or library.”

- Laura Justice, Ph.D.
McGuffey Reading Center
University of Virginia
Curry School of Education

Did you know these cool facts?

A bumble bee bat is the size of a jellybean.

“Spelunkers” are people who like to explore caves.

Kids who bite their fingernails get more warts than kids who don’t.

Halloween started in Ireland over 2000 years ago.

There are no words that rhyme with month, orange, silver and purple.

Read all this and more in Rhyme Stones