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The Whoosh of Gadoosh

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Award winning picture book!

The air sizzles with excitement when kids catch sight of Gadoosh and her wild purple hair. As her floppy inside-out shoes leave the ground, the whooshing caper begins when magic “Press Here to Start” buttons fly everywhere.

Wacky as Dr. Seuss and reminiscent of Mary Poppins, this enchanting tale whisks us into a world of love and laughter.

The colourful and delightfully dazzling illustrations perfectly capture the whimsical, yet powerful message of Gadoosh.

Ages 3 and up
Doug Keith
Publication Date: 
2nd Printing, Softcover Version
8.75 x 11.25 inches
32 Pages

PRAISE for The Whoosh of Gadoosh

Winner of the 2002 Benjamin Franklin Award for best new voice and honored by the Children’s Book Sense ’76 List.

“Pat Skene’s fun-filled story invites readers of any age to join in the magic of Gadoosh as she makes things go whoosh. The dazzling illustrations and uplifting verse will inspire all hearts with the healing power of laughter.”

- Deepak Chopra

“Love and childlike humor are the true healers. They have no adverse side effects, are always appropriate and heal all those who are exposed to them. Read Gadoosh and learn from it.”

- Dr. Bernie Siegel

“A much needed book! What can be more important than a children’s book that stimulates laughter and caring in our lives in a most whimsical fashion.”

- Dr. Gerald G Jampolosky

“Combining the endearing whimsy of Mary Poppins with the catchy rhyme of Dr. Seuss, The Whoosh of Gadoosh is one book that will brighten everyone’s heart..”

- The Ad-Delite