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Monster Lunch

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Dine with Frankenstein, attend a burgoo and a birthday party, meet a grumpy garden- dude and slurp hot zoop – it’s all happening in Monster Lunch.

Each yummy, yucky, messy and hot rhyming poem is followed by an interview with the main character – or an assortment of fascinating facts about food.

Click the Extras tab below to read some fun food facts.

Ages 7-10
Graham Ross
Publication Date: 
November 2008
5.5 x 7.5 inches
64 Pages

“Skene's poems and facts are enjoyable reads, both funny and informative. They can be read as a book, or poem by poem as time permits; these would be great in a classroom for when the teacher has a few free minutes (before the bell rings or otherwise).”

“Highly recommended.”

- CM Magazine - January 8, 2010

“The colourful cover and numerous illustrations should attract independent readers while teachers could use individual poems...Recommended.”

- The Bookmark (BCTLA) - February 1, 2009

“A compilation of six funny, story length rhyming poems...The poems are well-written and fun to read aloud.”

- Resource Links - February 1, 2009

“Offering (among other treats) a good-nutrition update on some old Mother Goose poems, Frankenstein's idea of a good feed, and an introduction to the concept of burgoo.”

- Northumberland Today - December 2, 2008

Did you know these food facts?

Shoofly pie may not have any flies, but oxtail soup really does have oxtails in it.

A burgoo is a thick spicy stew and some picnics are called a burgoo.

Some soups have funny names, like mock-turtle, knickerbocker, and cocky-leeky. 

A “smash” cake has smashed cookies in the dough.

The word “cake” comes from the old Scandinavian word, “kaka.”

Read all this and more in Monster Lunch.