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Go Spelunking at School and at Home

Rhyme StonesIn Rhyme Stones we meet Cecil Bunker who is afraid of the dark. But when his dog gets trapped in a cave, Cecil musters up the courage to go in and find him. Explore what Cecil Bunker, our brave spelunker discovered in the beautiful world of caves. Take a virtual tour, sit back and enjoy. And remember the caver’s motto:

Take nothing but pictures, cave softly and leave no trace of your visit.


An amazing site of show caves and virtual tours.

Kentucky’s Hidden River Cave & American Cave Museum

The National Speleological Society (NSS) does more than any other organization to study, explore, and conserve cave and karst resources; protect access to caves; encourage responsible management of caves and their unique environments; and promote responsible caving.

Discover Blanchard Springs in the Ozark National Forest. (Pat’s favourite cave.)